I know your life is ‘fine’ right now…but trust me,
this is not as good
as it gets!

You know how it goes… You bump into someone you haven’t seen for a while and when they ask how you are you say, ‘Fine’. Which of course you are – there is absolutely nothing wrong with your life.

Except that somewhere deep inside, you can’t ignore that nagging voice. The one that keeps asking, ‘a this as good as it gets?’ 

You try to silence your voice, telling yourself not to be greedy. Feeling guilty for wanting more. Feeling bad for not being satisfied with what you’ve got. 

But just because there is nothing wrong with your life, doesn’t mean that it’s as right as it could be… as it should be.

It’s time to stop apologising! There’s nothing wrong with wanting more.

I believe that living a happy and successful life doesn’t have to be an all or nothing equation. You don’t have to sacrifice the things that are working in your life in order to fix the things that aren’t.

My goal is to show you how to change what isn’t working while celebrating all that is and most importantly how to tell the difference.

Sometimes the changes you need to make will mean doing more, other times it will mean doing less, but if you focus on finding the sweet spot between pursuing your dreams and honouring your values, the life you create will be the one you really want to be living.

Permission to shine… GRANTED.

I believe that there is a sweet spot.


That living a happy and fulfilling life doesn’t have to be an all or nothing equation.



And I’m here to help you find it. 

I’m often asked how I ended up here,
talking about happiness;
what it is, how to get it and
most importantly how to keep it.

Here’s the short version…

I’ve spent 25 years working with billion dollar companies, dynamic small businesses and everyday people.

The first thing I ever remember wanting to be was Wonder Woman… I still haven’t given up on that dream 🙂

For a while, I worked as a model but I was never thin enough and apparently my smile was much too wide. I decided that was a nice problem to have.

I had a vision of my heels click-clacking along the marble floor of a foyer and decided to get a grown-up job. I found that foyer at the sister bank to the World Bank. The sound effects were right, but it turned out to be a hollow vision.

In my next job, I went to Luxembourg to find a million euros that had gone missing and to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. I decided accounting wasn’t in my blood, but solving problems was.

I helped the world get ready for the Euro and Y2K. Thankfully nobody’s toaster blew up!

Then I studied film and television in Summer School at NYU just for the fun of it and returned to London to create a project management framework for the BBC because they needed it.

During the first dot.com boom, I worked for a company started by The Stanford Research Institute, one of the inventors of the Internet. A few years later I was the most senior woman in what was a soon-to-be-billion-dollar company… but I knew it wasn’t the right home for me.

I found a coach. And discovered her job was ‘The One’.

Since then I’ve worked with ambitious, dynamic and hard-working entrepreneurs, businesses owners and executives, and everyday people, too.

Big names and quiet achievers…

While becoming an internationally recognised expert on happiness and success… and writing a whole lot of books.

The days, I run a coaching and training company, where i teach online courses, lead workshop, and speak at events all around the world.

I’d say, being happy and successful is my life’s work.
It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Have you read my best-selling books?

“At last a self-help book that makes sense.”


“What a great book!
Smart, succinct and straight to the point.”


“Your book, The Happiness Code is an absolute masterpiece. I bought my first copy of your book last week and could not put it down. I was so impressed, that I bought 3 copies for my friends.”


“Domonique really seems to get me – in fact, she seems to get us all! It’s like she has been sitting on my shoulder watching me go about my life. Her advice and words of wisdom are always spot on.”


“I’ve already read the first three keys and each one has dramatically changed my way of thinking. I can’t believe that I never knew how many choices I actually have control over. Like simply deciding to be happy or choosing to not let things affect my day that are totally out of my control anyway.”


“Domonique’s simple, easy to follow advice helped me to see what was not working in my life and how I was giving my power away to others. I’m starting to feel more at peace with who I am, and am making bold decisions and standing by them.”


“I wanted to thank you because, despite always being interested in the psychology of life, and believing firmly in carpe diem, time management and every cliché in the book, I still ultimately found complete clarification, motivation and inspiration from reading  your book.”