When you get your mindset right,
everything else falls into place!

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When I first began writing, I set a very clear intention that I would
‘reach the widest possible audience and share with them the key to living a happy and fulfilling life.’  
Audible has given me to the chance to fulfil this intention in a whole new way and
I couldn’t be more excited to share these Audible Originals with you. 


The 7 Step Mindset Makeover

If you find yourself trying and failing to achieve your goals, create new habits, or make lasting changes in your life, it’s likely because you’ve started your quest for change in the wrong place.

Shift your focus to your mindset and create lasting change that is achievable with The 7 Step Mindset Makeover and learn how to turn an ordinary life into the extraordinary, happy, and fulfilling life you deserve.

The 9 Step Negativity Detox

Do you feel weighed down by stress and pressure, held back by judgement and lack of opportunity, and critcised by everyone – including yourself? Learn nine essential ways to detox your mindset, feel lighter and more energised, to live a happier and more fulfilling life. 

Freeing you from the weight of negativity, The 9 Step Negativity Detox will change your life for the better.