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Laurie Atlas | the daily agenda 

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DOMONIQUE BERTOLUCCI is an international best-selling author, life coach and business strategist.

She has spent the last 25 years working with billion dollar companies, dynamic small businesses and everyday people; teaching people how to get more happiness, more success and more time just to catch their breath. 

Since the launch of her first best-selling book, Your Best Life in 2006, Domonique has built
a reputation as the go-to-girl for quotes, comments and expert insights on the wide range of personal development topics that fall under the broad banner of happiness; what it is, how to get it and most importantly how to keep it.

Domonique brings her personal blend of warmth and wisdom to every interview, and her insights and advice make good sense. Delivered in her inspiring and engaging style, she is as honest as your best friend should be, as supportive as you wish your mother would be and right on the money when it comes to the things that people need to know if they want to feel good about who they are and the life they live.

Domonique has gone on to write six more best-selling books: The Happiness Code (Jan 2012), Love Your Life (Jan 2013), One Hundred Days Happier (Oct 2013), Less is More (March 2014), The Kindness Pact (Jan 2015) and The Daily Promise (Sept 2016).  Her inspirational journals Live More Each Day and Be Happy Each Day were released in January 2018. Domonique’s most recent title,  You’ve Got This, was released in April 2021. Her books can be found throughout the English speaking world as well as in German and Portuguese. 

In 2020 Domonique signed a two series deal with Audible to develop and deliver content for their Audible Originals Podcast Series. The 7 Step Mindset Makeover and the 9 Step Negativity Detox will be released in September 2021.

Domonique has given hundreds of interviews across all forms of media including television, radio, print and digital media; more than 10 million people have seen, read or heard her advice. Her books are available throughout the English speaking world and her weekly email Love Your Life is read in more than 60 countries.

As well as being an engaging guest, Domonique is an accomplished spokesperson who can bring a brand or campaign to life with her sage wisdom and philosophy on life.

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“Domonique is an extremely polished media performer and provided a highly engaging focus for media representatives.

I can highly recommend her as an ambassador and spokesperson.” 


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