BRILLIANT COACH PROGRAM is my brand new training and certification program for people who know they are living their most brilliant life when they are helping others live theirs.

As a coach, you will learn to stop trying to fix things that aren’t really your problem. You’ll get much clearer on what your responsibility really is and discover a new way of ‘helping’ people that empowers them to help themselves.

To become a good coach it is important that you have excellent coaching skills,
but to become a BRILLIANT COACH you also need to have an understanding
of the client’s experience and a process with which to guide their progress.

The Program is highly practical and experiential, with a focus on developin the skill and knowledge you need to be a brilliant coach. 

It includes an optional Certification as a Brilliant CoachTM for people who have always dreamed of becoming a professional coach and want to develop world-class coaching skills and a powerful methodology to use with their clients.


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It’s time to say goodbye to ‘fine’ forever and make yours a brilliant life!

“Domonique’s book, The Kindness Pact, led me to find this fantastic course. It has helped me appreciate my good points and to look more after my own needs.

After realizing that I undervalue myself and the work I do; this positive, realistic course motivated me to really make an effort to be grateful for all the great things in my life and the impact that positive self-talk has on each of our lives.”


“By checking in with my values and focusing more on my priorities, I feel lighter, happier and stronger.

I’ve learned the difference between goals and fantasies and this made me recognize that I have outdated goals that, for the time being, are fantasies that are a burden.

Domonique’s course is very strong in logic and offers mental shifts. Things are so well-worded. It has led me to notice my inner talk and to clear out blame and the need to be right or to make excuses.”


“Domonique is an amazing coach and there was so much I liked about this course. It made me realize that I put too much pressure on myself and I am my worst enemy, but that’s going to change!

From now on, I will be treating myself with the same kindness and understanding that I would show a friend and before making choices or reacting to a situation, I am going to stop and think; even if it is just for a few seconds.”  


“After participating in Domonique’s course, I’ve been more effective at work and at home.

I realized I did not have a clear plan in place for what I want from life so now I ask myself why I feel dissatisfied and what small steps I can take each day to bring about change.  

I’ve also realised how much I really have to be grateful for in my life.